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* = best 11 races will be counted for series points. Must have 9 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameTotal PointsRound 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Round 13 Round 14
1268 YAMDETIENNE, WESTON A.2103rd*4th*4th*6th*9th2nd*3rd*3rd*3rd* 3rd*2nd*6th* 
1232 HUSGRUBB, MIKE L.1892nd*1st*1st*2nd*1st* 1st*     Worked*3rd*
1238 KTMSIEVENPIPER, GAVIN183  10th*1st*3rd*4th*8th*10th*1st*  8th*2nd*1st*
1225 KTMPIERCE, CALEB K.1804th* 5th* 4th* 4th* 2nd*3rd*4th*5th*5th*4th*
1233 KTMCARSON, JESSE1777th*5th*6th*4th*5th* 7th*5th*4th*2nd* 7th*7th*12th
1222 SUZHOLDER, NATHAN C.90       1st*6th*1st*1st*   
1205 YAMMOULTON, JUSTIN N.72 2nd*3rd*3rd*         11th*
1257 YAMUTZ, SETH A.725th*9th*2nd* 2nd*         
1264 KTMJAMES, TYLER R.68 6th*7th* 6th* 9th*    9th*  
1247 KTMMCDONALD, JUSTIN L.59       9th*5th*4th*   8th*
1231 SUZTUCKER, RYAN W.518th*8th*         10th* 7th*
1220 RUMSEY, JUSTIN49       4th*   3rd* 10th*
1260KTMBORAM, JAKE47            1st*2nd*
1245 KTMEVERSOLE, STANTON46      2nd*6th*   12th*  
1239 YAMBEARDEN, JOSEPH31    10th*3rd*        
1221 KAWDOTTLEY, CHASE29  8th*5th*          
1201 WOOD, JUSTIN25  9th* 8th*         
1234 KTMEAST, SPENCER L.251st*             
1241 KTMANDERSON, DANIEL25     1st*        
1254SUZMILES, SAMUEL25           1st*  
1228 YAMFORD, JEFFRY D.24 7th*     11th*      
1246 KTMALDRICH, HUNTER24      10th*     8th* 
1259KTMROBERTS, TUCKER23           6th* 13th*
1223 YAMRAMMER, KEVIN E.22       2nd*      
1253KTMWILLIAMSON, JORDAN22          2nd*   
1214HONDENSMORE, BRENT20            3rd* 
1236 HUSHOUSTON, SENNA M.20 3rd*            
1258KTMCHAMBERS, HANK18           4th*  
1261HSQBEST, THOMAS18            4th* 
1243 YAMHOLDEN, BROWN H.16      5th*       
1250YAMBUSBY, FORREST16          5th*   
1276HONJENKINS, BRETT16             5th*
1230 KTMKELLER, JASON C.156th*             
1242 KTMGANN, KEITH15      6th*       
1275KTMCOURSEY, COREY15             6th*
1240 YAMWADDELL, LUCAS14    7th*         
1248 YAMFINNEGAN, CHRIS D.14       7th*      
1249 KTMSNELL, ZACHARY13       8th*      
1224 HONMUNSEY, TYLER B.129th*             
1273OTHCHASTAIN, JOE12             9th*
1237 SUZTUCKER, JUSTIN W.11 10th*            
1255SUZMATHIS, SETH10           11th*