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* = best 3 races will be counted for winter series points. Must have 3 races to qualify for series trophy.
Racer No.BrandNameSeries
Total PointsRound 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
4596 HONDANNER, JONATHAN A.1751st*1st*1st*1st
4554 CROWDER, NATHAN M.2622nd*2nd*4th* 
4595 YAMPOPE, DAVID J.3623rd*3rd*2nd*3rd
45002YAMVARN, SAM4524th*4th*5th* 
45010KAWBROWN, XAVIER5485th*5th*6th5th*
45018HONRACHELS, EVAN T.642  3rd*2nd*
4545 YAMCLARK, COLBY D.73811th*7th* 7th*
45006YAMTUCKER, COLE S.8366th*12th*16th9th*
4517 YAMGLAUDA, JAMES9369th* 10th*8th*
45007YAMTHORNTON, RYAN10357th*10th*11th* 
4580 HONLOVICK, MITCH1130 9th* 4th*
45012HONCOOPER, THOMAS E.1229 6th*7th* 
4529 YAMCLARK, ALTON J.13288th*  6th*
45013HONCOOPER, SAMUEL1422 11th*9th* 
45014YAMDICKERSON, PAXTON J.1513  8th* 
4581 YAMGLAUDA, JAMES N.1613 8th*  
45011WOLF, JEREMIAH171110th*   
45016HONGREENWELL, AARON L.189  12th* 
4586 YAMKONKLER, AYDEN19912th*   
45015YAMGREENWELL, AUSTIN C.208  13th* 
4584 YAMMCCORMICK, LAYNE M.21813th*   
45019YAMWELCH, CODY227  14th* 
45017YAMROBINSON, TYLER M.236  15th*