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**** Race Update 07/08/2024****
Hello Racers!

We are very excited about our upcoming season.
For years we ran all the big bikes at 10:00 am. When we added the peewees it pushed the big bike race to 11:00 am. Then, Covid came along and our crowds grew to 450-500 big bikes. That is more than we can score comfortably at one time, so we started the split starts for every race. Now the crowds are back down to 300-350 big bikes, so we are going back to 1 big bike race at 11:00 on the properties large enough to accommodate that. The smaller properties will still be split starts with the AA, A and B going at 11:00 for some of them. Please note starred races will be split starts, and the blue dates will be all big bikes together.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone out there.

ABSOLUTELY NO PIT RIDING ALLOWED AT SORCS EVENTS Violators will not be allowed to race and will be asked to leave the property. Keep race bikes parked until 10 minutes before scheduled start and then ride them at idle speed in first gear to the starting line. After the race, please ride your bike back to your pit area at idle speed in first gear. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification from the days event. We must enforce the No Pit Riding rule in order to keep going to the nice venues we have. We have already lost one venue and may lose another because of senseless pit riding. Golf carts, mules etc.. will be allowed at speeds of 5 MPH or less with a Responsible Adult Driver.

Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter.

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