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Hello SORCS racers!

We are looking forward to racing in Sparta, Ga at the J&G Farms tomorrow as scehduled. The SORCS track crew is working on the trails and re-routing around the low spots. We expect the trails to be in very good condition.
Hope to see you all there!!

Hello SORCS racers!

We are looking forward to our upcoming race in Sparta, Ga at the J&G Farms.
Please remember our Sunday race schedule will be same as always for SORCS racers:
Minis @ 8:00
PeeWees @ 10:00
Big Bikes @ 11:00
Please remember to bring an unopened toy of at least $10.00 value to get in the gate for free!

We will be having our "just for fun" race after our regular SORCS race day is finished. This race course will be 4-6 miles long. This race is mainly for Beginners and those riders who may not be ready for a 2 hour event, however we cannot forget our fast guys are the classes for our "jff" race.

Current AA, A or B class racers *85cc or pitbike only
16-29 years 125cc and up
30+ years 125cc and up
40+ years 125cc and up
45+ years 125cc and up
50+ years 125cc and up
Women 125cc and up
Jr Trail 12-15 years. up to 112 2 stroke and up to 150 4 stroke
NO 65cc bikes allowed

Entry fee will be $30.00 per rider and top 5 in each class will receive a plaque.

We look forward to seeing you all there!!

Race Registration and Race Start Times are based on Eastern Standard Time.

Round 6 - 2019/2020 SORCS Series
December 15th 2019
J and G Farms : Sparta, GA

41 Maize Lane, Sparta, GA. From Sparta, GA go west on hwy 16 towards Eatonton GA. 2.1 miles.
Entrance is on the right.

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ABSOLUTELY NO PIT RIDING ALLOWED AT SORCS EVENTS Violators will not be allowed to race and will be asked to leave the property. Keep race bikes and quads parked until 10 minutes before scheduled start and then ride them at idle speed in first gear to the starting line. After the race, please ride your bike or quad back to your pit area at idle speed in first gear. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification from the days event. We must enforce the No Pit Riding rule in order to keep going to the nice venues we have. We have already lost one venue and may lose another because of senseless pit riding. Golf carts, mules etc.. will be allowed at speeds of 5 MPH or less with a Responsible Adult Driver.

Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter.

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